Letter from the Executive Director


I have learned so much about our YMCA history not only as part our Centennial Celebration, but since as well. It was amazing to share so many memories, look through pictures, and watch people reconnect. I truly hope we can continue to build on that momentum and get together more often, not just at Camp, but in our local communities as well. The Takodah spirit is present wherever you all gather.

Quietly through our whole planning process Uncle Rusty & Uncle JEF graciously documented the history of Camp Takodah’s Directors. Now they’re tackling the stories of Board Chairs throughout time, as well as our original Property Committee, that we have to thank for our spot on Cass Pond. For as much fun as they are having I’d like to recognize their hard work & thoroughness (maybe too much!) to documenting our amazing history and the work of so many dedicated volunteers. JEF, Bill, and I have had many conversations on the need to preserve our history and I’m grateful they are driving this project. Their hard work and the hard work of all our founders prove that Camp Takodah nor the YMCA work without volunteers.

Nothing is more important to our success that volunteerism. Have you considered putting your passion for the Takodah YMCA to work? This is an open call as we’re earnestly looking for help! Graeme Noseworthy and Tom Dill are leading a team to grow our board and fill our committees. If you are interested in serving please reach out to me at artie@cheshireymca.org and we’ll talk about how you can have the best impact on the YMCA. I hope you’ll consider joining us in providing Takodians with the foundation to be successful in the 21st Century.