Takodah of the Future

Contributions by: Eric Rhomberg, Bruce Holloway, Graeme Noseworthy and Camp Staff

With Camp’s Centennial summer now successfully behind us, we’re starting to look to the future. One idea we had was to think about Camp Takodah… one hundred years from now! Here’s a humorous preview of some notes in our 2117 Summer Camp Guide:


  • Physical Sessions in June, July and August
  • Virtual Sessions in November, December, and January
  • South, North, East, West, and Lunar Villages are now registering campers

Camp Store:

The Camp Store now accepts:
  • Universal cash
  • Check
  • Credit
  • Venusian Emeralds
  • Bitcoin

Packing List:

What not bring to camp:
  • VR goggles
  • Droids
  • Personal hovercrafts
  • Food replicators (food is also not permitted in teleported packages)
  • Any nuclear powered devices
  • Robot pets
  • Bad attitudes towards our new alien friends

New Songs:

  • I’ve Got 6 Billion Pence
  • Oh They Rebuilt The Ship Titanic
  • You Can’t Ride In My Flying Red Wagon
  • Laser Beaver
  • 5 Little Martians In An Alien Shop
  • If I Were Not A Leader An Interplanetary Astronaut I’d Be
  • I’m Wild About Horns On Shuttlecrafts
  • You’re Welcome To Virtual Camp

New Camp Activities:

  • Earthrise hikes in the Sea of Tranquility
  • 4 Square in the Air at 5000′ Above A-Field
  • Spelunking on Europa
  • Zero-G Slip n’ Slide
  • Hydroplaning Tubes
  • VirtuaRopes Challenges
  • Inverted GaGa
  • Service Projects (including painting in the old camp rocket, sweeping the pine needles off the panels in our solar farm)

New Classes:

  • Retro Ray Gun Range
  • High Speed Jetpack Zipline
  • Lunar assault (played on the lunar surface)
  • Quantum Gimp
  • Indestructible Carbon Fiber Candle Making
  • Painting with Drone Swarms
  • Photography… IN SPACE
  • Augmented Reality Climbing Wall
  • Plasma Hockey
  • Solar Wind Sailing
  • All-Weather Water Trampoline Digital Simulator