Family Camp Information

Waterfront – There are special safety and supervisory regulations concerning waterfront, of which we all need to be aware. Supervision by qualified, certified lifeguards is provided; however, parents must accompany their children to the waterfront and share in the responsibility.

Insurance – Our camp policy does not provide health/accident coverage of family campers. For your protection, we ask that your family be covered under your personal policy, and that you bring pertinent information concerning your policy to camp with you.

Telephone – Our camp phone (603-352-0447) is for emergencies only. There is a phone located in the office if necessary.

Other Communication – For e-mailers and computer users, a wireless network is set up in the Dining Hall (password: camptakodah). We encourage you to become “unplugged” while at camp, but if you must, we ask that you not use electronics in the Dining Hall during program activities, and please do not leave electronics unattended in any public area.

Parking Upon Arrival – Please park in the parking lot across from the soccer (B) field. After check in, you may drive to your cabin to unload; then we ask that you return your vehicle to the parking lot for the remainder of your stay. Please be careful to not drive over any water pipes while at camp.

Laundry Facilities – Laundry rooms are available for your use behind Moose Lodge, the Crowninshield Twins, and the New North Camp Twins. Laundry detergent pods are available at the Camp Office, free of charge; please leave your own detergent at home, as regular detergent can damage our fancy new machines.

Alcoholic Beverages – Alcoholic beverages and all illegal drugs/substances are not permitted on Takodah property.

Pets – No pets in camp.

Bedding – You must bring your own bedding, sleeping bags, and towels.

Store Items – The camp store is open daily in the afternoon. The store operates on a cash/check/credit card basis.

Bathroom (Twins) Assignments:

South Camp

  • Women: Kingfisher Twins (next to cabin 6) and Buffalo Twins (next to B Field)
  • Men: Crowninshield Twins (next to the Sports Shack and cabin 14)

North Camp 

  • Women: New Twins (next to the Arts Barn)
  • Men:  Old Twins (next to Cabin 6)

All genders:

  • There is all genders/family stall in the back of the Old North Camp Twins (next to Cabin 6)
  • There are men’s and women’s bathrooms available for both genders in the Dining Hall, as well as in central camp (the Public Toilets).

Birthdays – If any camper has a birthday while in camp, we will provide a celebration in the Dining Hall. Please let our Office Manager, Linda (, know if there is a family member in camp with a birthday during camp.

Takodah Memory Book – The yearbook will be mailed to all campers who attend Family Camp. Our photographer will arrange with your family when and where you wish to have a family photo taken that will appear in the yearbook along with some great candid photos.

Daily NewspaperThe Takodah Times (motto: “The truth is no obstacle”) is published daily, covering the daily happenings at Family Camp. Get the latest updates from the most widely circulated daily paper at Camp Takodah! Please submit all newsworthy articles to Claire, Family Camp Director, by 3:00 PM for inclusion in the evening edition.