South or North Camp


Which experience is right for your child?

We are committed to single-gender programs because they provide well-rounded childhood experiences, especially for campers who spend their school years in co-ed environments. By relieving all of the pressures of co-ed environments, Takodah helps campers increase positive self-images, positive behaviors, and confidence—all while supporting deeper friendships and bonds.

In order to maintain single-gender experiences, while hosting both boys and girls at the same time, we have two different sites within the same campus: South Camp and North Camp.

Which one is right for your child? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Both sites give children confidence, character, and friendships that will shape their lives. Below you can read about the different nuances of each site. Please contact us if you want to talk more about which site is best for your child.

South Camp

South Camp is our biggest site and it is full of rich Takodah history. Since the 1920s, Takodians have left their legacies behind in the rustic buildings, and kids have had opportunities to participate in all types of activities—everything from sailing to zombie survival! Many South Campers have been coming to camp for years (or decades!), and with so much energy and enthusiasm there is never a dull moment. Newcomers can expect to be welcomed into the family and to be inspired by the vast number of activity choices and the genuine friendships that they’ll see between staff members and other campers!

North Camp

North Camp features our newest, brightest facilities. Because this is our smaller, more intimate program, there is a strong focus on community, and even the most shy kids build friendships quickly. This structure also creates greater flexibility, which enables North Campers to give more input into creating their daily schedules. Leadership development and outdoor adventure are foundations of the program, and all campers have chances to go on campouts and use the ropes course. Newcomers can expect to be welcomed into the family and encouraged to make their mark in this fast-growing program!