My daughter absolutely loves camp! I notice when she comes home that her spirits are up, her self-esteem is up, and she even makes her bed without being told!

Every year, she¬†learns so much about the lives of the other girls.¬† It’s one of those situations of “you don’t know, what you don’t know.”¬† She always come home with her mind blown by the different rules, values, experiences, etc. that the other girls have in their lives.¬† It offers such great perspective in a safe place.

The spirit and values of the camp are infectious.  Even though this was his first year, he felt very close to the traditions and spirit of the camp.  The candlelight ceremony really moved him and he was so excited and emotional telling us all about it.

She stepped out of her comfort zone this week and tried many new activities.  She loved her cabin leaders and said her leader for the rock climbing was excellent.  She coached her through some tough spots on the climb and that really improved her confidence.  She tried archery for the first time and really enjoyed it.  She said the swim challenges were tough but really fun and overall LOVED all of her activities.

The camaraderie within cabin mates is like no other bond.  She came home saying she felt closer to one girl after 12 days of camp than she does with her best friend from home.  The dynamics at camp allow the campers to form these bonds and just be themselves 100%.

As a parent who never had the opportunity to experience camp I think it is a great place for my children to grow and make new friends. They are both very different children one is always a little reluctant to go to camp but ALWAYS wants to sign up for another session and a bit shy the other has little easier time adjusting to new things. They have so many stories to tell when they get home we love to hear all of their adventures and I know they will have a lifetime of memories they can share with their children some day. WE ALL LOVE CAMP TAKODAH!!!

We dropped off a teary 12-year-old who was not happy about going to camp.¬† He, also, didn’t know a soul and was far away from home.¬† My husband and I had knots in our stomachs.¬† “Are we doing the right thing?” we thought.¬† Well, he had a FANTASTIC time.¬† The first thing he said to us was, “Please sign me up for next year right away!”¬† We were surprised, but thrilled he had so much fun.¬† He hasn’t stopped talking about the classes, activities, the counselors, etc.¬† Thank you!!!¬† We’ll be back next summer!

I really love that Takodah is steeped in tradition. I love that both my boys love it there. They both have been campers every year since the summer after 1st grade. Takodah is a safe place where kids have the opportunity to choose their classes. It is a safe place for kids to spread their wings. Kids need those opportunities, it helps them gain confidence in themselves!  Takodah is the best!

Values. You guys put the campers ahead of all else. Their fun, their safety, their well being, their everything. Kindness to others, living outside, so much more. You practice these values and help guide our youth to make these things part of every day. I am amazed at how well you teach and acheive these goals!

She¬†wrote to us about– and came home talking about — how she conquered her fears and learned to love the ropes course.¬† This is so good for her as she is good at many things but can sometimes be fearful or tentative about trying something new!¬† We were also thrilled with how much she loved the sunrise mountain climb.

When we dropped him¬†off at camp this year he did not want to go.¬† He wouldn’t even get out of the car.¬† Every staff member came over to offer help and advice.¬† Many got into the car with him to talk about his anxiety and feelings. ¬†They worked with us and gave us encouraging words during a stressful time.¬† No one was frustrated or gave up on him.¬† He was in the car for over an hour and finally with the support of everyone he did get out and had the best camp experience ever.¬† When we picked him up on Friday (a bit worried not knowing how he was), he was a new kid.¬† He didn’t want to leave, we signed up for next year with excitement, and when we got home he informed us he was “camp sick”.¬† I asked him what he meant by that and he said it was the opposite of “homesick” and that he already missed camp.¬† He has been wearing his Takodah apparel all weekend including hat and scarf.¬† It is wonderful to see.¬† Thank you for all that you do!

From the time you enter the camp until the time you leave, you feel a true sense of comradery, commitment and passion from the entire staff. The camp values are embedded in the Takodah culture and in everything you do. Given the camp’s following and the number of returning campers, the family generations that have or do attend Takodah, speaks volumes. It is a wonderful camp – a fantastic find. Bravo – you get how to make kids camp experience a blast with memories for many years to come.

The connections with new people and the confidence of doing something entirely new and different away from home. The counselors were absolutely amazing and did a great job making him feel comfortable when he was dealing with some homesickness. Thanks to everyone for a great summer experience!

It has taught him to be comfortable away from home, take care of himself and become a stronger person. Every year he goes with his best friends and every year he makes new friends and looks forward to seeing them again.¬†He has gained a few hero’s along the way, that guide him through learning new things and have helped build his character. He has slayed some fears and I think that his experiences at camp will stay with him for the rest of his life as he faces new challenges. It makes him want to be a person that can help others like the great people he has met at Camp. Keep up the good work!

The character development at camp is outstanding. The feeling is kind and supportive and relaxed and amped-up and masculine and sensitive and accepting‚ÄĒall at the same time. Amazing! The leaders are well trained and attentive. I‚Äôm so pleased to be able to send my son to Takodah.

My son has grown this week (in terms of maturity) like we never would’ve imagined. His self-confidence is amazing, and he has become more of his own boy.

Takodah is the quintessential summer camp for kids, like you see in the movies‚ÄĒonly better! When we picked up our daughter, all the kids seemed like they‚Äôd known each other for years. It‚Äôs a wonderful, life-enriching, wholesome experience. Campers are completely unplugged and engaged in wonderful activities.

There is something special about Takodah. You can feel it in the air. It‚Äôs the joy of all the children and staff who have attended camp for the past 100 years. The Takodah spirit‚ÄĒthat‚Äôs the best thing about camp.

She has grown tremendously as a result of her Takodah experiences. She is a stronger leader and much more confident in her abilities as a result of the friendships and development that are a result of her attendance.

She¬†had been having some trouble feeling comfortable with her peers, before camp.¬† She wasn’t socializing at all, and had started to develop a very introverted self-image, based on social anxieties. She literally came home a different child!¬† We could see how confident, and exuberant, and “at home” she¬†was, as soon as we arrived for pick-up! She’d felt like her cabin was her “second family,” by the end of Day 1!¬† She has been in contact with every girl from her cabin, since coming home.¬† She has not stopped talking about camp- “the best 2 weeks of her life!” – for a minute! She’s still walking around singing camp songs, telling stories, and most importantly- smiling, all the time!¬† THANK YOU TAKODAH!!!

During our car ride home, which lasted about two hours, my daughter did not stop singing and if she did, it was to tell us something about the camp and then go back to singing.  She was so happy to come home and so happy to have spent a week there, that we had to sign her up for a two week session next summer. It was in her words, a magical camp but it was real!!

Even though it was her first year at sleep away camp she thoroughly embraced it and loved the activities that they did.  She loved her cabin leaders and all the songs she learned at camp, and of course- lots of new friends!  I honestly think she loved everything about it.

It would sound corny to say that summer camp experience can be magical.¬† It’s an adventure, experience and exploration of the outdoors and new skills.¬† Living in a cabin is super cool fun (we do it as often as we can as a family)! ¬† We feel so fortunate that Camp Takodah was like Neverland.¬† Let the lost boys live on!¬† Thank you!

I think Camp Takodah is a well run organization who really puts together an awesome experience for all campers and their families.  He always comes home a little more independant, self sufficient, confident, and full of pride and happy memories.

As parents, we know our children are in a safe, nurturing, supportive natural environment that encourages exploration and imagination through all opportunities provided.  Our children are making memories and life long friendships.  They are learning independence and fostering their self-esteem as well as discovering diversity.

There is a beautiful sense of community and fellowship at Camp Takodah. The kids have a chance to engage in a variety of activities and experiences. Both boys have grown and blossomed more each time they go to camp. I always tell friend that I would love to send each of the boys for a month and someday my daughter, they like it that much. They both would like to become LC’s, LITs and maybe someday work as a counselor there which I think says a lot.