For nearly 100 years, Takodah has focused on strengthening the foundations of our Greater Cheshire County area. While our programs have captured national and even international acclaim, local youth and families will always be the heart of our mission.

We have always believed that all kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve, under the guidance of adults who care about them and believe in their potential. By helping young people form healthy habits, develop their skills, and build strong relationships, we ensure a brighter future for our next generation of leaders.

Your support ensures that we can continue providing these important experiences.

Together, we will take on many of the greatest challenges facing our young people by expanding successful programs, launching innovative programs, and making sure that everyone can attend our programs.

You probably already know that as a nonprofit organization, Takodah relies solely on program fees and donations to sustain our mission. What you might not know is that in order to keep program costs affordable, we haven’t traditionally included the costs of facility improvements or financial assistance in our enrollment fees.

Without the support of committed donors like you, we wouldn’t be able to continue strengthening our facilities and programs.

Here are some ways you can support our mission: