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Close your eyes, picture yourself in the Dining Hall during clearing, and sing along with me (click the link below and press play)…

I want to stay at Camp Takodah, in the dear old camp I know,
Where the rain comes pourin’, into where I’m snorin’…

Wait, stop. That last part. The line about “rain comes pourin’ into where I’m snorin’.” It’s starting to hit too close to home!

Last summer was the final straw. During staff orientation, we took a crew around camp to blow the leaves off the roofs. The trouble was, we blew nearly as many shingles off the roofs as leaves. After a strong storm in July, we literally had to cover the roof of Cabin 18 with a tarp to keep campers dry. Most alumni love the rustic feel of camp, but I think we can all agree that a tarp for a roof is a little too rustic. After another harsh New England winter, the roofs are in real trouble. Donate now!

100% of your tax-deductible donation will go directly to facility improvements.

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