Camp Life


Your most important role at Takodah is leading your cabin. You’ll live in a cabin with a co-leader and 10 campers. Your job is keeping campers safe and healthy, serving as a positive role model, helping campers learn and grow, cultivating friendships and belonging, and making sure everyone has fun.

The cabins are clustered into “divisions.” Each division is led by an experienced division head who supports cabin leaders and plans special division programs. Along with your division head, you’ll be surrounded by veteran cabin leaders and a leadership team to help with anything you need.

In addition to leading a cabin, you’ll also be a program instructor. As an instructor, you’ll work with other leaders who share your activity specialty, under the guidance of a program head. Your program head will help you draw on your own experiences, as well as teach you new skills, that will enable you to facilitate classes successfully. See a list of common Camp Activities.

Daily Schedule

Time Activity Your Role
7:00 Reveille Wake up campers
7:15 Flag Raising Attend flag ceremony
7:25 Breakfast Eat with your cabin
8:15 Health Call / Kapers (camp chores) Lead campers in camp chores
8:45 Skill Class 1 Teach a class
9:45 Skill Class 2 Take a period off
10:45 Skill Class 3 Teach a class
11:45 Cabin Cleanup Lead campers in cleaning your cabin
12:10 Lunch Eat with your cabin
1:00 Health Call / Siesta Rest with your campers
2:00 Camper Choice Lead activities in a program area
3:30 Cabin Activity Lead a special activity for your cabin
4:45 Flag Lowering Attend flag ceremony
5:00 Dinner Eat with your cabin
6:00 Health Call / After Dinner Free Time Hang out and play with campers and staff
6:45 Evening Program Participate in a camp-wide special event
8:15 Bedtime Preparations Help campers get ready for bed
8:45 Cabin Reflections Lead campers in talking about their day
9:15 Taps Put campers to bed
9:30 Cabin Duty / Staff R&R Perform cabin duty or enjoy free time
11:30 Staff Curfew Go to bed

Does it seem a little overwhelming? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know during Staff Orientation, which falls the week before campers arrive.

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