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Takodians Visit Uruguay

Montevideo YMCA and Camp Artigas By William Parkman, Board President Kapers are an important cabin duty during a campers experience at Camp Takodah. Imagine if one of those duties was to start a fire under a water boiler before you could take a hot shower in the twins. We take our electric hot water tanks […]

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Centennial Time Capsule

Finding The Time Capsule or How To Destroy The Flagpole Field In Less Than 10 Hours. I got to Camp on the morning of Friday, August 26th. It was the last day of Family Camp and, starting that afternoon, it would be the first day of the Centennial Celebration Weekend. Ryan had always planned that […]

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Video Contest

#becauseofcamp Win $500 off your summer camp fees in the #becauseofcamp video contest. Submit a video no later than 3/24/17 to ryan@cheshireymca.org. The video should start with “Because of camp…”, and it should be no longer than 30 seconds. It could be as simple as a quick video on your smart phone. We want to know the […]

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Welcome Carlie Fischer

Hello Takodians! My name is Carlie Fischer, and I’m thrilled to be joining the full-year Takodah team as the Assistant Camp Director. I fell in love with Takodah in 2000 when I debuted as a Mini Camper, and since then I haven’t missed a summer. I grew up at Girls’ Camp, and I’ve always considered […]

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Letter from the Executive Director

VOLUNTEERISM IS WHERE IT’S AT! I have learned so much about our YMCA history not only as part our Centennial Celebration, but since as well. It was amazing to share so many memories, look through pictures, and watch people reconnect. I truly hope we can continue to build on that momentum and get together more […]

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Pieces of our Past: Part 5 – Singing The Songs That Have Echoed For A Hundred Years

Music is more than just another part of the day at Camp Takodah. It’s a key to unlocking the magic and the memories for everything we do and enjoy as Takodians. From what I have been able to discover, it seems that Uncle Oscar originally envisioned music’s most important role at Camp, singing in the […]

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Pieces of our Past: Part 4 – A Familiar Sign for Every Age

It’s a hand painted sign that all of us have seen but few of us – if anyone at all – know its true origins. As you leave Camp, you pass underneath two words that have tremendous meaning: “Boost Takodah!” This week, I’d like to share what I believe this is the earliest photo of […]

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Pieces of our Past: Part 3 – A Story Of Service To Takodah Across Generations

The name “Dickinson” continues to reverberate through the air at Camp Takodah with anything from a quiet story to a mighty cheer. Whenever you drive down the camp road, set foot upon the fields, assemble around the flag, or dive into the cool waters of the pond, you’re following the legacy of a family that […]

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