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Pieces of our Past: Part 5 – Singing The Songs That Have Echoed For A Hundred Years

Music is more than just another part of the day at Camp Takodah. It’s a key to unlocking the magic and the memories for everything we do and enjoy as Takodians. From what I have been able to discover, it seems that Uncle Oscar originally envisioned music’s most important role at Camp, singing in the […]

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Pieces of our Past: Part 4 – A Familiar Sign for Every Age

It’s a hand painted sign that all of us have seen but few of us – if anyone at all – know its true origins. As you leave Camp, you pass underneath two words that have tremendous meaning: “Boost Takodah!” This week, I’d like to share what I believe this is the earliest photo of […]

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Harold Dickinson - 1

Pieces of our Past: Part 3 – A Story Of Service To Takodah Across Generations

The name “Dickinson” continues to reverberate through the air at Camp Takodah with anything from a quiet story to a mighty cheer. Whenever you drive down the camp road, set foot upon the fields, assemble around the flag, or dive into the cool waters of the pond, you’re following the legacy of a family that […]

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Pieces of our Past: Part 2 – “A Moment of Sharing Together”

For those of you that knew him well, “Buffalo” Bob Smith was a kind and gentle soul whose excellent record of leadership set the bar high for staff members from the late 1970s onward. For those of us that were too young to know him or have only heard the name, Bob was a legendary […]

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Pieces of our Past: Part 1 – Deeds & Descriptions

As we move closer to celebrating our Centennial, I’ve been spending some time digging around the archives at the Cheshire Y’s Main Office and speaking with long time Takodians about our rich history. My goal is to track down, and share with you, key items, documents, photographs and other such records that show important milestones […]

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Early Bird 2016 Winner

We’re SO excited to announce the winners of the 2016 Early Bird Shirt Design Contest! Drum, roll, please… Congratulations to the Banovic Family on the winning design: Since we had so many amazing submissions to the contest this year, we thought it was only fair for everyone to see the winning design now. But in the spirit of […]

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TFC CT Winter 1 (1)

TFC Winter 2016

Calling all campers, staff, alumni, and friends! Join us for a special Takodah Friendship Circles Winter Weekend, March 4-6, for fun, friends and fellowship in your favorite wonderland! We’ll have plenty of activities and traditions planned no matter how much or how little snow we have on the ground at Camp. So come, pitch a […]

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