Adventure Camps

Adventure CampsEach summer, Camp Takodah offers a series of adventure trips aimed at helping campers discover themselves. We expose them to safe, but challenging environments away from home. Under the umbrella of our expertly trained and experienced Camp Takodah staff we work to build self-confidence, stretch outside our typical comfort zones and learn to support and care for each other as one adventure team. They offer something new for the older camper, or make a great addition to a traditional camp session.

Adventure camp activities vary widely by trip, but all share a focus around developing skills relevant to ‘Wilderness Travel’. All of our Adventure Camps will teach you how comfortable you can be camping outdoors. Campers will leave knowing how to select and set up a good camp, make a fire, or will even be required to help us cook delicious camp meals and snacks. We teach trip specific skills  such as kayaking, rock climbing, rafting, canoeing and backpacking. All trips are Co-Ed and are recommended for ages 12 and up.


2014 Trip Offerings:

Berkshire Bonanza

Sat. June 28th – Fri. July 4th (7 days) $895

On this one-week bonanza sampler our trip leaders will give you a taste of it all: ropes course, rock climbing, mountain exploration,  whitewater rafting, and community service projects within the agricultural industry. We will base camp in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains, allowing time each day for adventurous activities and the development of essential outdoor skills.

Program Flyer: Berkshire Trip (2014)

Wet and Wild Surf

Sun. July 6th to Sat. July 12th (7 days) $895

Love sandy beaches? Cape Cod National Seashore is for you. We’ll take you on 3 surf lessons with professional instructors and have you riding the  waves with a smile. We’ll give our surfing muscles a break to explore the shore by foot or by sea kayak, swim in freshwater lakes, catch a sunset, and navigate the shores in search of scenic views and ocean life. Our community service project may range from helping clean the sandy beaches or volunteering with a nearby organization.

Program Flyer: Wet & Wild Trip (2014)

White Mountain Rock & Zip

Sat. July 12th – Fri. July 18th (7 days) $895

This popular adventure to the White Mountain National Forest will encourage you to rock climb on granite cliffs, ramble your way up local mountains, and swim in freshwater lakes, streams, and waterfalls. We conclude the adventure by soaring over the treetops on a 1,500-foot long zipline tour. Our community service may include working with the State Park services or an agricultural service near Takodah. This is an adventure you won’t want to miss. More Info:

Program Flyer: White Mtn Trip (2014)

Teen Service & Wellness (FULL)

Sat. July 26th – Fri. August 1st (7 days) $895

This combination of adventure activities with a community service driven focus will be looking to reach out to volunteer organizations within New Hampshire. We have designed this trip due to the demand of students who seek both adventure as well as a commitment to service projects that may also meet the requirements of their school’s mission. Within this trip we are adding an educational component of service to the community. An unforgettable adventure awaits!



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Adventure Camp Staff and Safety

Takodah Adventure Camp staff are caring and dedicated leaders who have your child’s safety and well being is their foremost concern. All of our Adventure Camp staff have participated in extensive staff training at Takodah and are well versed in the areas of adventure programming which they lead.

Each trip has a male and/or female staff that is 21 or older, a certified lifeguard, and a Wilderness First Responder. Takodah Adventure Camp staff are trained outdoor leaders with a track record of excellence working with youth. They are wonderful role models for our campers, stressing the YMCA’s core values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility.

They work hard to make certain that every child’s experience will be an adventure to remember. On some trips, Takodah staff work with Guides provided by local outfitters, who know the rivers and rock faces we use intimately. Know that when we use outfitters for technical or site-based support, we rely on Takodah staff for our supervision and leadership.

Adventure Camp Mission & Philosophy

We seek to foster and develop the positive growth of character within a safe and accepting community, strengthened by tradition and history, driven by the needs of youth.

Our Objectives: (how we fulfill our mission)

  • To stimulate positive interpersonal friendships
  • To foster individual growth and self discipline
  • To encourage independence  and self confidence in a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere
  • To teach new skills and challenge by choice
  • To cultivate leadership potential
  • To sharpen an appreciation of the natural environment
  • To nurture friendships and memories that will last a lifetime

Our Philosophy

All campers will be challenged to live accordingly to our “Friendly to All” motto. Adventure campers at Takodah live, work and play in a group. The team context in the outdoors gives us community to feel part of and peers to support as we encourage  one another on the path to personal growth through ‘Challenge by Choice’

Challenge By Choice.

During the summer there will be several opportunities for your child to feel challenged through outdoor activity. ‘Challenge by Choice’ is a philosophy that adventure camp adopts which encourages campers to achieve their goals while providing them with a safe environment where they can go beyond their normal comfort level. It asks that in joining adventure camp, your child is prepared to challenge his or herself and participate fully in the experience, while recognizing that each activity or goal may pose a different level and type of challenge for each group member. It provides a supportive and caring atmosphere in which your child can stretch and grow, free of peer group pressure. At Camp Takodah ‘Challenge By Choice’  promotes an experience where all campers contribute to each other’s choices and self esteem development.

We are happy to be available on the phone to discuss any questions about our trips.  Please contact our Outdoor Education Director Peter Simmonds at our main  office (603) 352-0447 or email

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