Boys Camp

Camp is the Last Safe Place to Be a Kid

Boys come in all shapes, sizes and abilities. They grow up to develop very different passions and talents. But they’re all wrestling¬†with¬†the same questions: what are the rules of masculinity, and can I live up to them? When stacking up seems impossible, boys¬†start feeling anxious and insecure.

That’s why the Boys Camp experience has never been so important.

We break down stereotypes, get rid of social pressures, and free boys to be themselves. Without needing to impress others and seek attention from girls, your son can be himself and focus on his own interests. Learning there’s nothing unmanly about showing his feelings, your son can develop true and lasting friendships. Guided by positive male role models, your son can learn there’s not just one way of being a boy, while growing more independent, confident and empathetic.

We live in a co-ed world, but a couple weeks at Takodah is exactly what your son needs.

Staff and Safety

You won’t find more caring, mature, and responsible¬†staff anywhere else.¬†We recruit wonderful college students from around the world based on their character and proven ability to work with youth. Most of our staff are former campers¬†who know firsthand how to help¬†kids feel right at home, make friends, and have fun.

Because safety is our highest priority, all of our staff members pass rigorous applications, interviews, reference checks, and criminal background checks. They also attend a minimum of one week of training before campers arrive, in addition to holding specialized certifications, such as First Aid, CPR, lifeguard, and ropes course.

State-licensed nurses provide 24/7 care to keep campers safe and feeling great.

Daily Schedule

  • 7:00¬†–¬†Rise & Shine
  • 7:25¬†–¬†Flag Raising Ceremony
  • 7:30¬†–¬†Breakfast
  • 8:30¬†–¬†Kapers (Camp Cleanup Chores)
  • 9:00¬†–¬†Skill Area Class 1
  • 10:00¬†–¬†Skill Area Class 2
  • 11:00¬†–¬†Skill Area Class 3
  • 12:15¬†–¬†Cabin Inspection
  • 12:30¬†–¬†Lunch
  • 1:30¬†–¬†Siesta (Rest Hour)
  • 2:30¬†–¬†Camper Choice (Supervised Free Time)
  • 4:00¬†–¬†Cabin Activity Time
  • 5:25¬†–¬†Flag Lowering Ceremony
  • 5:30¬†–¬†Dinner
  • 6:30¬†–¬†After-Dinner Free Choice Time
  • 7:00¬†–¬†Evening Program
  • 8:30¬†–¬†Prepare for Bed
  • 9:00¬†–¬†Reflections
  • 9:30¬†–¬†Lights Out

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We’re delighted that you’re considering Takodah for your son. We know summer camp is is huge decision, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. If you need help figuring out if Takodah is right for him, please contact us any time at 603-352-0447 or

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