Arriving at Camp

Opening & Closing Day Procedures

Please note that 1-Week Camp and 2-Week Camp have different Opening and Closing Day procedures. Please click the button for directions for your program:

1-Week Camp2-Week Camp

Summer Camp Dates

2-Week Camp

  • Session 1: June 25 – July 7
  • Session 2: July 9 – 21
  • Session 3: July 23 – August 4
  • Session 4: August 6 – 18

1-Week Camp

  • Session 1A: July 1- 7


  • Session 1/2: June 24 – July 21
  • Session 3/4: July 22 – August 18

Check-in times

2-Week Camp

  • South Camp: 2:00 PM (Sunday)
  • North Camp: 2:30 PM (Sunday)

1-Week Camp

  • South Camp: 2:00 PM (Saturday)
  • North Camp: 2:00 PM (Saturday)


  • South Camp: 4:00 PM (Saturday)
  • North Camp: 4:00 PM (Saturday)

Opening Day Cookout

On Opening Days for 2-Week Camps only, we’ll host a cookout lunch with free-will donations supporting our Campership Fund, which helps disadvantaged kids attend camp. Campers attending our 1-Week Camp should plan to eat lunch before arriving. Campers in our Leaders-In-Training Program will receive dinner on Saturday evening.

Police Notification

Local officials have prohibited line-ups on Fitzwilliam Road/119 and the camp lane for public safety reasons. Plan your trip so that you arrive in Richmond no earlier than 1:15 PM for 2-Week and 1-Week Camps. You’re not able to move into your cabin until 2:00 PM, so there’s no need to arrive early.

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